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Lost Girl or First Chair


February 29 - March 3 2024


Impulse Theatre Company


Henry Parker-Elder

Sound Design

Amelia Anello

Lighting Design

Fernando Gonzalez

Scenic Design

Kate Schaaf

Costume Design

Morgan Whittam

Stage Manager

Devin Harris

Guerrilla theater at its finest. This was one of the quickest turnaround shows that I have been a part of, with a total time of 2 weeks from hiring designers to opening. We did not have a venue locked down until two days before we started tech, so flexibility was key in the design. The show has a really interesting script with a lot of metaphors, which was incredibly fun to explore. We move between a high school music room and an island that is a metaphor for growing up and moving past what defined you for your adolescent life. It was extremely fun to juxtapose the two locations with the sound, going from an oppressive vibe in the music room with a lot going on, to the peaceful and open vibes of the island.

It was designed using QLab 4, with a Yamaha MG206c console, and a combination of Mackie and small desktop speakers. The DAW of choice for editing sound effects was Pro Tools.

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