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I am a sound designer from Cocoa, Florida that has been involved in the live theater world since 2015, starting in middle school. After finding myself behind a sound console junior year of high school, I have been eagerly learning more about sound and its applications, not only in theater, but film, themed entertainment, video games, music, podcasts, and audio dramas as well. 


I find myself drawn to the way that sound can be used to enhance a story, and add a level of impact to anything. Finding ways to induce emotions in audiences with sound is my favorite thing to do, especially with metaphor; With sound being the only non-visual design element, it engages a second sense and further transports the audience into the world of the story. Building this world in collaboration with a team is what makes theater so enjoyable to work on, and what makes it so compelling to watch.

Education & Work Experience


University of Southern California

BFA in Sound Design. Coursework in theatrical sound design, computer and hand drafting, Pro Tools, critical listening, post-production sound, music technology, and live mixing. 


Audio Technical Staff at Trojan Event Services

Perform A1 and A2 duties for a variety of events in multiple venues, including a proscenium theater/auditorium space, a ballroom space, a cabaret space, and various outdoor venues. Set up, program, mix, and tear down setups, including audio consoles (DigiCo SD11, Yamaha LS-9, Allen&Heath consoles), cable, and monitor speakers. Manage a team of production assistants/crew and liaison with clients to establish the best set-up and execution of their event.


Assistant Sound Designer

Assisted sound designer M. Glenn Schuster on the CalArts production of "Experiment with an Air Pump".


Assistant Sound Engineer at USC School of Dramatic Arts

Load in and load out the USC School of Dramatic Arts’ theatrical season across 5 venues, including blackbox and proscenium theaters, according to the technical drawings of student and professional designers. Duties include equipment maintenance, troubleshooting skills, and patching of inputs and outputs, to powered and unpowered speakers. Work with DigioCo and Yamaha consoles, and Meyer, EAW, and L’Acoustics speakers and signal processing. 


Convention Production Assistant at Starlight Division

Handle autographing talent at major comic book conventions across the country and around the world. Manage schedules, lines, and liaison with managers to ensure the best possible convention experience for talent and fans. 


Stage Management Intern at Playhouse on Park

Assist the stage manager in rehearsal, performing administrative duties including prop tracking, blocking notes, tape-outs, managing emails and actor communication, and set up/tear down of the rehearsal room each day. Serve as run crew during shows, assisting with quick changes, prop movement, and technical support. 


Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy

High school diploma. Officer of the Audio/Visual Club, Vice President of the French National Honor Society, team captain of Varsity Girls Soccer and Varsity Girls Cross Country.


Audio Over Hire Crew at Geffen Playhouse

Assist with load-in and strike of audio systems for Geffen Playhouse productions. Work with the sound designer to focus speakers and execute their design. Hang speakers, install racks, and ensure that the show is built to the specifications set by the designer.


Sound Designer for Sacrifice Zone: Los Angeles

Design, implement, and mix the sound for the interactive museum exhibit/interactive theatrical performance for Sacrifice Zone: Los Angeles. Install the sound system, test and tune all speakers, and design & mix the sound for both the exhibit during the day and the theatrical performances at night. Collaborate with scenic, lighting projections, and interactivity designers to form a coherent design concept that serves the story. 


Television Academy Internship Program - Sound Category at Smart Post Sound

Assist and observe ADR recording sessions, sound editors, and mixing sessions for professional film and television projects. Practice dialogue editing, sound effects editing, and backgrounds editing in Pro Tools for review at the end of the internship.

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