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Brick by Brick


October 2020


Aeneid Theatre Company

Created By

Ben Wendel, Naveen Bhatia, Karlie Teruya

Land has memory, buildings have memories. The untold stories that populate every brick of campus deserve to be listened to, because by listening we question, we honor, and we speak our truth. Join ATC for Brick by Brick: An Audio-Theatre Experience. Intended to be listened to while walking through campus, mask on of course, Brick by Brick allows for a truly immersive theatrical event featuring six stories of USC’s history researched, written, directed, acted, and sound designed by USC students entirely remotely. Thank you to the over 60 USC students who collaborated to make this project happen, to the directors, sound designers, writers, researchers, and actors. We couldn't have done this without you! Please give Brick By Brick a listen, and explore USC's past!

I had the privilege to be the sound designer for two parts of this immersive audio experience, UV Kids and The Visitors. Working on this completely remotely on zoom during 2020 was a challenge, and the entire company of this production was fantastic.

UV Kids
Director: Christian Alejandro Lopez
Writer: Aria Schuler
Researcher: Brooke MacDougal
Sound Designer: Amelia Anello
Jessy: Julianna Montano
Kevin: C.J. Craig
Max: Javi Casanova

Our section aims to make use of the view of the USC Village to present a story that examines the disconnect between it and the community it inhabits. We hope to tell an honest story about the effects that gentrification has had on South Central.

The Visitors
Director: Sydney Gamble
Writer: Diego Dela Rosa
Researcher: Sierra Tsementzis
Sound Designer: Amelia Anello
Gaby: Rebecca Tabor
Dom: Stella Grimaldi

Set on the evening of Día de los Muertos, our section operates on a theme of remembrance, using César Chávez’s activism as a means to acknowledge the nuanced legacies we will all leave behind as we live in “service to others”. Chávez believed this to be the “end of all education” — it says so on his plaque, proudly displayed at our own college. How fully will we remember the service of those who came before us, and how fondly will our service be remembered by those who come after us?

Listen to the entire production here:

Maps and more info:

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