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April 29, 2022

Sound Editor and Mixer

Amelia Anello


Film and Television Writers of USC


Cat Johnson


Casey Fleming

After falling for a mysterious girl, a queer teenager tries to piece together the extraordinary puzzle of her disappearance. In this ethereal drama, we follow Ellie, a curious teenager who falls in love with a mysterious girl named Vi. Otherworld is a story of lost people finding each other and the persistence of the human spirit. Moreover, it is a refutation of heteronormative fairytales.

I edited and mixed this project, working with the director and producer to establish trust and deliver a final product that we were all happy with. The greatest challenge for this film was working with the dialogue that had been recorded on the beach, in close proximity to the waves, and I was able to learn about best recording practices moving forward, as well as how to use noise reduction plugins (iZotope RX) to clean up as much as I could. This film was an excellent learning experience, and was very fun to work on.

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