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The Hamlet Project


April 7-10, 2022


McClintock Theater


Edgar Landa


University of Southern California

Lighting Design

Erica Ammerman

Sound Design

Amelia Anello

Stage Manager

Reena Ye

Technical Director

Zoe McKracken

The play’s the thing in “The Hamlet Project,” an exploration of William Shakespeare’s iconic tragedy. Consumed with grief and determined to avenge their father’s apparent murder, Hamlet must choose between passive acquiescence and the need for a vengeance which might lead to devastating consequences. This powerful and lean adaptation uses multiple actors to illuminate Hamlet’s crisis of identity, and the perilous journey of madness, revenge and lost love.

The first official School of Dramatic Arts produced show that I designed. Shortened by our director for time, it was done with a limited budget and limited design elements. This show was incredibly foundational for me as a designer, as it cemented a lot of technical knowledge and allowed me to become more artistic with my design skills. Due to the limited budget, this show had no scenic or costume designer, only a lighting and sound designer. Due to this, it was up to me and Erica, the lighting designer, to create atmosphere and a clear distinction between locations. The most fun we had was with the Ghost of Hamlet’s father, who was played by all members of the cast that did not have other lines in the scene, as an ensemble. The location of the ghost for the characters to interact with was done completely with sound, and it moved around the theater as the scene required it. An incredibly fun show with an awesome design and production team.

The show was designed using a Yamaha QL5 console and EAW speakers with a Meyer sub. It was programmed using QLab 4 and Pro Tools, and used shotgun mics for vocal effects at chosen moments.

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