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Abraham Lincoln's Big Gay Dance Party


September 30-October 2, 2021


Massman Theater


Max Bodak


dorothy's friends theatre company

Lighting Design

Jacob Hollens

Scenic Design

Kate Schaaf

Costume Design

Sophie Hall

Sound Design

Amelia Anello

Stage Manager

Nate Riel

Do you love dancing? Are you a member-slash-ally of the LGBTQIA+ community?? Do you have a framed photograph of our 16th President in your childhood bedroom??? Then Abraham Lincoln’s Big Gay Dance Party is just the show for you!

This show served as my first solo design, and had a steep learning curve. It was challenging, but ultimately satisfying, as it taught me the bare bones of what doing sound design entailed. Working in the student production space at USC, the Massman Theater, taught me a lot about being flexible and focused, as the equipment available was older, and sometimes (often) malfunctioned. Being able to pivot and troubleshoot, as well as solve problems, was key to this show, and it was what allowed the show to happen successfully. As one of the first student produced shows following the COVID-19 pandemic, it was a relatively inexperienced production team, and we were all able to learn and grow as professionals together.

The design itself was all sound effects, and supported what the script demanded. Music medleys, gunshots, and ambiance shifts occupied most of the cues, as well as some pre-recorded phone calls that I was able to record, edit, and mix into the rest of the sound effects in the show.

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